The EVC allows approved massage therapy training programs the ability to verify education for their students that have applied to take the MBLEx.

MBLEx applicants - click here to set up your examination account. 


Register for an EVC Account:

  1. Click on the Education Verification Center (EVC) link. You’ll be taken to the EVC login page
  2. Utilize the Click here to Register button and complete the form


Verify Education for a Student or Graduate from Your School:

  1. You will receive an email telling you that a student or graduate from your school has applied for the MBLEx
  2. Login to the Education Verification Center (EVC)
  3. You will see any pending students from your program listed under Pending Verification
  4. Click the blue Review button in the Actions field. This will open an Education dashboard for that specific student
  5. Click the circle next to Verified and enter the month and year for the students program start date and end (or projected end) date
  6. Click the green Save button
  7. Repeat steps 4-6 above for any additional students listed in your account.


Education Verification Center