FSMTB welcomes any state regulatory or licensing agency that regulates the massage therapy profession to join. By joining FSMTB, your board/agency will be linked to a national network of professionals who are dedicated to public protection. As a member, you have the opportunity to be involved in the development of the services and benefits that FSMTB can provide for your board or agency. Prior to joining, we encourage you and your board/agency to examine our mission statement and review our bylaws

As part of your membership benefits, FSMTB covers expenses for one delegate to attend the FSMTB annual meeting in order to ensure a voice and a vote for each state board/agency. Although FSMTB only pays for one delegate, we encourage as many board members and support staff as possible to attend. For more information on membership, please call our executive office at 913.681.0380.

Please note that FSMTB waives the membership dues for the first fiscal year in which you join so that you may enjoy the full benefits of membership at no cost. 

Membership Renewal
Membership renewal occurs on an annual basis with a deadline of July 1. Should your board or agency need more time to process membership dues or board approval prior to renewing, please let FSMTB know and an extended deadline that meets your board or agency's needs will be provided. To renew your membership, please complete the form below and submit it via email, fax, or mail to the FSMTB executive office as listed on the renewal form. 

As you consider membership renewal for the new fiscal year, here are a few highlights from our past membership cycle:

  • Expansion and realignment of our executive office space and staff to better serve our member boards
  • Launched a member survey to gather information and assist the board of directors as they begin the next strategic planning session
  • Supporting the request from member boards and created the Human Trafficking Task Force
  • Publishing the official Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination Study Guide
  • Continued research and development of the Massage Therapy Licensing Database (MTLD)
  • Creation of Standards for Continuing Education to facilitate the approval process for continuing education providers
  • Hosted another successful annual meeting for our members with the largest attendance to date
  • Ongoing state and federal legislative and rule tracking
  • Participating in professional development conferences, regulatory and psychometric meetings and massage and bodywork professional industry events

We value your continued membership. Together, we and our member boards and agencies can achieve our mission of public protection. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding membership.  Call us at 913.681.0380.

Volunteers are central to our organization.  If you or anyone from your organization would like to volunteer with FSMTB, please click the button below.