The information gathered will be accessible through MTLD’s State Licensing Board (SLB) Portal. The SLB Portal will include licensure information, from multiple states if applicable; contact information; board and disciplinary action; school information, such as school name, location and education completion date; and more.

FSMTB is asking massage therapy state licensing boards and agencies to participate in MTLD by providing data that will contribute to a complete profile of therapists to support smart regulation in all jurisdictions.

MTLD was designed with confidentiality and data security as the top priority. FSMTB Member Board administrative staff members will be able to search MTLD to support the licensure and renewal process. The database is not available to the general public, board members, or any other interested parties in order to protect the confidential information it contains.













To learn more about MTLD and how your state board/agency can start utilizing this valuable database, please email