Legislative Tracking and Research
We actively track legislation making its way through all fifty statehouses on a continuous basis to ensure that we are able to be proactive in our efforts to help our Member Boards when they ask for assistance. 

Education and Support
We are kept apprised of the regulatory rules and governing statutes of our Member Boards, thus having a broad understanding of what works best for the interest of public protection.

Should your board or agency want to propose legislation or be affected by proposed legislation, be attempting to advance legislation or seek advice on implementation of new regulatory language, we are available to provide education and advocacy as deemed appropriate given our role in the regulatory arena, our non-profit status. 

Regulatory Resources
Model Massage Therapy Practice Act
A comprehensive resource to FSMTB members to assist them with statutory language based on best practices from the massage therapy regulatory community. 

Licensure vs. Certification
Government licensing is frequently confused with voluntary, private certification. Consistent use of terminology is critical to promote both clarity and uniformity in statutes and regulations. This document is a helpful tool to educate and inform legislators, policymakers, and other stakeholders.

FSMTB License Renewal Recommendation

For member board support, please contact gr@fsmtb.org.