The 2023 candidates for the Board of Directors are:

Position 1

Elisabeth (Liz) Barnard (NV)

Chimere Figaire Correa (WA)       

Karen Frazier (KY)

Position 2

Caroline Fox Guerin (TX)

Ahmos Netanel (CA)

Two candidates unsuccessful in being elected to Position 1

Candidate Information

Liz Barnard - Resume | Q&A

Liz Barnard Video


Chimere Figaire Correa Resume | Q&A 

Chimere Figaire Correa Video



Caroline Fox Guerin - Resume | Q&A

Caroline Fox Guerin Video


Karen Frazier - Resume | Q&A

Karen Frazier Video


Ahmos Netanel - Resume | Q&A

Ahmos Netanel Video


The candidates for the 2024 Nominating Committee, running uncontested, are:

Sharon Oliver

Charlene Russell

Jan Shaw

Candidate Information

Sharon Oliver - Resume

Charlene Russell - Resume

Jan Shaw - Resume