Taking the Exam

The MBLEx is administered on a daily basis, year-round at test sites across the United States and US territories. Once you are approved to test, and receive an Authorization to Test (ATT) via email, you must use that information to register for the exam date and testing location of your choice. To find your nearest test site, please click on the Locate Test Center button.

Locate Test Center

Candidates have two hours to complete a 100-item, multiple-choice examination on a computer. Out of this timeframe, five minutes is allotted to a security and confidentiality agreement and five minutes is allotted to a brief survey. Not completing the MBLEx within the allotted time results in an automatic failure and there is no diagnostic report generated. Please ensure you are aware of FSMTB security policies. See the exam security video below. 
Weather and Test Centers
The FSMTB is committed to providing you with a positive examination experience, even when Mother Nature has other ideas. If you are scheduled to take the MBLEx in an area that is experiencing inclement and dangerous weather or environmental conditions, you will be notified if the test center is closed and your appointment will be rescheduled.

In the event that the test center remains open, you will be expected to attend your appointment as scheduled. You may opt to reschedule your appointment for a $50 fee, provided that you have a minimum of 24 hours from your initial appointment. All other unscheduled absences will be recorded as a “no-show” and all fees forfeited.

 FSMTB Examination Account

 What to Expect Video

This video was designed with the examination candidate in mind! It provides insight into what you can expect the exam to be like at the testing center. There is information that covers how to answer the exam questions, how to manage the onscreen options when viewing the questions, as well as what to expect when the exam time comes to an end.

Transcript: What to Expect Video 

Qué esperar al tomar el MBLEx Transcripción



Exam Security Video

This video emphasizes the non-disclosure agreement that all exam candidates must agree to before taking the MBLEx. The MBLEx is copyrighted; therefore any breaches of the non-disclosure agreement are potentially punishable in a court of law. The FSMTB cannot stress enough the importance of this agreement! Exam applicants are encouraged to review this area carefully to avoid the consequences of non-compliance!

Transcript: Exam Security Video

Transcripción de Comprender la seguridad del examen


Identification Video

This video explains what forms of identification are needed to be permitted to take the MBLEx.

Transcript: Identification Video

Transcripción de Información de identificación en MBLEx  



Computer Adaptive Testing Video

This video explains how Computer Adaptive Testing is utilized on the MBLEx to assess a candidate's entry-level competency. 

Transcript: Computer Adaptive Testing Video

Transcripción de Prueba adaptativa computarizada