All applicants will have access to a personal FSMTB Examination Account. The first time you access the Examination Account, you will have to create a login and password. Once the account is set up, you can login with your password as many times as you want.
Through your Examination Account you can apply for the MBLEx, check the status of your application, or request that your exam results be sent to a state licensing board.
To Create your Examination Account
  1. Click on the FSMTB Examination Center
  2. Create a personal login to access your FSMTB Examination Account.

a. Select “Click Here to Register”
b. Enter the required information on the registration page
c. Click “Submit Registration”
d. You will receive an email with a temporary password
e. Login using your User Name (email) and the temporary password
f. Reset your password (minimum of 8 characters with at least one upper/lower case, number, and symbol)
g. Type your password again

3. You’ve created your Examination Account

To apply for the MBLEx
  1. Click on the FSMTB Examination Center
  2. Login to your Examination Account with your Username and Password
  3. Click the New MBLEx Application button in the upper right hand corner of the screen
  4. Complete the application and submit with payment ($265)
  5. Click Submit
To Check the Status of your Application
  1. Login to your FSMTB Examination Account
  2. The status of your application will be detailed at the bottom of your FSMTB Examination Account – find out if education has been verified, if there are any application deficiencies, or if you have been authorized to test.
To Request to Send Additional Reports of Your Examination Result
  1. Login to your FSMTB Examination Account
  2. Click the Result Transfer Form button
  3. Complete the information, and submit with payment ($40 per location)
  4. Click Submit
  Please Note: FSMTB suggests using Google Chrome when registering  
  for and logging into your FSMTB Examination Account.