In developing the examination, every effort is made to respect and include the various forms of massage & bodywork practiced in the United States. Reviews of the field are undertaken periodically to ensure that the examination remains relevant to current practice standards.

MBLEx Content Outline
MBLEx Content Outline (Español)

Exam Content Development
A fundamental requirement for best practices in testing is to conduct a formal Job Task Analysis (JTA) every five to seven years to ensure the examination reflects current practice. There was continuous involvement from the regulatory community and testing and psychometric professionals at every step of the exam development process.

The FSMTB has conducted two JTAs, one in 2007 and the second in 2012. The FSMTB sought input from professionals in the massage, bodywork and somatic practice field. The content for the MBLEx was based on this feedback from the thousands of practitioners around the country. Such input is paramount to ensure that this is an exam for the profession, by the profession.

2013 Job Task Analysis

2007 Job Task Analysis