Application Requirements
To apply for the MBLEx, first create an FSMTB Examination Account. Once an account is set up, individuals will have access to the online MBLEx application to complete, pay the fee and submit it. All individuals who apply for the MBLEx must have their school verify their education directly with FSMTB. If your school has closed, contact the state agency (in the state where the school was located) that oversees massage education to request the information. Please see the MBLEx Candidate Handbook (Manuel Del Candidato) for more details.
By submitting a completed MBLEx application, the applicant acknowledges that they have reviewed the Content Outline (Content Outline - Español) found here, and attests they have both the education and training in the subject content areas.
Additionally, the applicant agrees to abide by the policies and procedures established communicated by FSMTB and found in the MBLEx Candidate Handbook (Manuel Del Candidato). This includes all policies regarding examination irregularities, cheating and examination results.

FSMTB Examination Account 

Candidate Handbook 

Manuel Del Candidato