Application Process

  • Application: Candidate may apply online or by mail 

  • The FSMTB requires all MBLEx applicants to request and ensure that their massage therapy education program submits educational records directly to FSMTB.
    MBLEx applications are not complete for processing until educational records and application fee are received.
  • Processing: Please allow five (5) business days for FSMTB to process your completed MBLEx application. A completed application consists of the MBLEx application, fee and your education record.
  • Authorization to Test (ATT): The FSMTB sends the ATT via email with instructions to schedule your examination online or by phone.
    You must complete the exam within the 90-day period indicated on your ATT.
  • Confirmation: Appointment confirmation is sent to the candidate via email.
  • Take MBLEx: Candidate will receive an unofficial exam result at the testing center and FSMTB sends the result to the designated state board or agency within 24 hours.
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  • Check your MBLEx application status: To check the status of your MBLEx application, please send an email to Be sure to include your name and date of birth. Please keep in mind that it will take up to five business days after you submit your completed application to receive your Authorization to Test (ATT).

  • Identification requirements: On the test day, you are required to bring two forms of identification to the test site. Please ensure the name on both of your identifications match the exact name provided on your application. For more information on appropriate forms of identification, please see the MBLEx Candidate Handbook.

Testing Accommodations
The FSMTB complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) and will accommodate requests from qualified candidates with a diagnosed disability for accommodations to take the MBLEx if the request is reasonable and properly documented and does not fundamentally alter the examination or jeopardize exam security. Submission of an accommodations request does not guarantee that testing accommodations will be made. The FSMTB will review your request and professional recommendations to determine whether the accommodation is reasonable and appropriate to the testing environment or whether it would fundamentally alter the nature of the examination. To request accommodations, submit the ADA Accommodations Request Form. If you require accommodations in the application process itself, contact FSMTB for assistance. Additionally, you are welcome to send your accommodation requests or any ADA-specific questions to

ADA Testing Accommodations Handbook

ADA Accommodations Request Form
Solicitud de Acomodos Especiales


Agent Designation Form
If you would like to designate a third party to discuss your confidential file and related details with FSMTB, please complete the Agent Designation Form.

Veterans Affairs Reimbursement
Veterans taking the MBLEx can be reimbursed for the cost of the exam.

Visit the Veterans Affairs website to learn more about how the reimbursement process works and search for approved tests online. You will find the MBLEx by searching for "Massage Therapist." Payment is issued only after you have submitted the required information to the Department of Veterans Affairs. You can find the application here or on the Veterans Affairs Website.

If you have questions about reimbursement for the MBLEx, you can access the Veterans Affairs website or call 888-442-4551. For those who are hearing impaired, call 1-800-829-4833.