What is CE Registry?

CE Registry is a registry of educators, providing massage and bodywork therapy continuing education, who meet and adhere to the standards set by FSMTB. The CE Registry will accept information from continuing education providers, including course completion rosters, and transfer that information into the national Massage Therapy Licensing Database (MTLD) for permanent recording. CE Registry includes a Course Search capability that allows potential CE consumers (LMT’s) to search for the right course for them.

CE Providers are monitored for ongoing demonstration of compliance with FSMTB national Continuing Education Standards through feedback from students. Course completion records are stored in the therapist record in MTLD. State regulatory boards determine if continuing education hours meet their requirements for license renewal in their state.

How do I sign up as a CE Provider?

Click the button below and follow the directions for registration. Be sure to read the CE Standards and Guidebook before you register.

How much does it cost to be a CE Provider?

The fee to register as a CE Provider is $100 for the first year.

How much does it cost to renew?

The renewal fee is $125, paid annually from the date the account was created.

How much does it cost to submit a course?

The fee for course submission is $35. Once approved, the course is valid for a period of five years. (Except if the course changes in any way or the Provider registration is revoked.)

Are my fees refundable?

No, CE Registry provider registration or course submission fees are not refundable in part or in full.

How many times can I teach the same course?

You can teach the course as many times as you wish within five years from initial approval.

What delivery methods are allowed for teaching the course?

Courses can be taught as a “Live - Webinar”, “Live - On Site” or “On Demand”.

Live – Webinar describes a seminar or workshop in which the instructor and participants view the same screen at the same time. The webinar usually has an audio component that the instructor controls and functionality that allows participants to chat by entering text, answering polls, raising their hands and asking questions.

Live - On Site describes Instruction in a classroom environment where the instructor and learners are together at the same time and in the same physical location.

On Demand describes a course that students can complete on their own schedule, at their own pace. On Demand course types include eLearning, recorded webinars, audio conferencing, home study, text- and video-based courses.

What are the criteria to qualify as a CE Provider within CE Registry?

Pursuant to standard 5.1, providers must ensure and document that the instructor possesses the appropriate knowledge and expertise to teach the course. It is important that all courses are taught by qualified personnel. Although years of professional practice, credentials, and teacher training may be helpful to document that the instructor/developer understands the topic and best practices in adult education, this may not be sufficient to determine if the instructors/developers are proficient in its execution.

In the event of an audit, it is the responsibility of the provider to supply evidence that supports how the provider has determined that the instructor/developer is qualified. The specific information about the requirements of a CE Provider can be found in the CE Standards and Guidebook which is available by clicking the button below.

What states accept continuing education from CE Registry?

States that accept continuing education credits from CE Registry are listed on the main “CE Registry page” of fsmtb.org. If your state is not on the list, check back later as this list will be continuously updated.

What if I’m interested in becoming a provider but FSMTB isn’t accepted in my state yet?

One of the best benefits of CE Registry is that providers are able to gain national exposure through the course search feature. Even if Statutes/Rules in your state are still in the process of being updated, you can offer your registered courses to 20+ states that already accept courses from CE Registry.

What are the benefits of CE Registry for providers?

  • CE Registry will help your business get national exposure.
  • CE Registry is simple to use (based on actual user feedback) and updated daily. It's a trusted, reliable resource.
  • CE Registry has a searchable database of courses offered by Registered Providers where licensed massage and bodywork therapists will be able to find CE courses through the course search.
  • Completion records will automatically load into the national Massage Therapy Licensing Database (MTLD) for the state regulatory boards to see, after you submit a roster of the students who have completed your courses.
  • CE Registry will provide you with access to student feedback, collected independently by FSMTB.
  • CE Registry benefits both you and your students - it's a win-win opportunity.

What do I do if my question is not listed here?

Email ce@fsmtb.org. A support specialist will reach out to you to address your question(s).