CE Registry is a registry of educators, providing massage and bodywork therapy continuing education, who meet and adhere to the standards set by FSMTB. The CE Registry will accept information from continuing
 education providers, including course completion rosters, and transfer that information into the national Massage Therapy Licensing Database (MTLD) for permanent recording. CE Registry includes a Course Search capability that allows potential CE consumers (LMTs) to search for the right course for them.

CE Providers are monitored for ongoing demonstration of compliance with FSMTB National Continuing Education Standards through feedback from students. Course completion records are stored in the therapist record in MTLD. State regulatory boards determine if continuing education hours meet their requirements for license renewal in their state.



How does CE Registry benefit me?

For providers, CE Registry:

  • Will help your business get national exposure.
  • Is simple to use (based on actual user feedback) and updated daily. It's a trusted, reliable resource.
  • Has a searchable database of courses offered by Registered Providers where licensed massage and bodywork therapists will be able to find CE courses.
  • Completion records will automatically load into the national Massage Therapy Licensing Database (MTLD) for the state regulatory boards to see, after you submit a roster of the students who have completed your courses.
  • Will provide you with access to student feedback, collected independently by FSMTB.
  • Benefits both you and your students - it's a win-win opportunity!

Click the button below and follow the directions to register.
Be sure to read the 
CE Standards and Registry Guidebook before you register.

Register as a CE Provider

For LMTs, CE Registry offers:

  • A course search capability that allows you to search for the right continuing education course for you.
  • A Trusted Source – Where licensed massage therapists can find quality continuing education that meets national standards.
  • Easy to Use – Simple search functionality and daily updated information streamlines the process and saves you time.
  • One Stop - You don’t have to look anywhere else for courses that keep you compliant with state regulations.
  • Secure storage – Securely stores records of your courses in a national database for license portability.

CE Course Search


Why was CE Registry created?

The FSMTB Continuing Education Registry was developed at the request of the member boards of the FSMTB. It addresses concerns from regulators about accountability and the quality of continuing education. CE Registry addresses these concerns by:

  • Accepting only those providers that meet or exceed the FSMTB CE Standards approved by the regulatory community, which will provide a level of consistency across jurisdictions.
  • Providing a reliable source of information for state regulatory boards so they can make better informed license renewal decisions.
  • Recording course completion information in the therapist record of the national Massage Therapy Licensing Database (MTLD).
  • Creating a Course Search to provide accurate information to potential learners about courses offered by registered providers.
  • Providing an efficient administrative process that meets the needs of the regulatory community while not overburdening the provider.

Will my State board accept courses from CE Registry?

The following states currently have regulatory language to accept courses from providers in CE Registry. State regulatory boards determine if continuing education hours recorded in MTLD meet their requirements for license renewal.












Rhode Island






South Carolina






South Dakota


District of Columbia  








New Hampshire






New Jersey






New Mexico


West Virginia




North Carolina







If you have any additional questions, please email CE@fsmtb.org.