FSMTB is always seeking enthusiastic and qualified volunteers. As FSMTB endeavors to carry out the directives of its members, volunteers are a vital component of our work. Volunteers may serve in a variety of capacities in the areas of continuing education, examination, and governance.

If you have an interest in becoming a volunteer, please submit an application using the link below. Your application will be given every consideration; however, its completion does not imply that you will be appointed by FSMTB. For more information, please email info@fsmtb.org.





Content Development Advisory Panel (CDAP): The CDAP guides the development and monitors the content of continuing education courses in REACH and recommends improvements to the program.

Continuing Education Registry Review Panel (RRP): The RRP ensures provider compliance with the FSMTB’s Continuing Education Standards and recommends revisions to said Standards.

License Renewal Committee (LRC)***: The LRC reviews industry issues relating to massage therapy licensing renewal, continuing education, and regulatory education requirements. The Committee also recommends revisions to the FSMTB’s Continuing Education Standards and Registry Guidebook.


Examination Development Committee (EDC)**: The EDC reviews and revises potential examination items. 

Examination Eligibility Review Panel (ERP)***: The ERP reviews MBLEx candidate eligibility including conducting interviews and hearings regarding policy violations and making recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Examination Item Writers (EIW): EIWs write and submit items (questions and answers) through the secure examination portal for MBLEx and MBLEx Check.

Examination - Practice Test Item Writers (E-PTIW): E-PTIWs write questions for MBLEx practice tests. Massage therapy students are welcome and encouraged to volunteer. 


Board of Directors*: The Board of Directors is elected by membership to govern the Federation, including policy development and enforcement, strategic planning, finances, and appointing committee members.

Examination Policy Committee*: Provides general oversight of the licensing examination process. Subcommittees may be appointed to assist this Committee with its responsibilities.

Finance Committee*: Reviews and proposes the annual budget, reviews the Federation’s investments and audit and advises the Board of Directors regarding fiscal policy.

Nominating Committee*: 
This committee seeks nominations from member boards and associate members and shall present a slate of qualified candidates for election to the board of directors at the Annual Meeting. The members of this committee are elected each year at the Annual Meeting from nominations submitted by the nominating committee or by nominations from the floor. To be eligible for this committee, the nominee must have attended at least one Annual Meeting. 

Policy Committee*: Researches and develops proposed amendments to the Bylaws and Standing Rules as directed by the Board of Directors or the Delegate Assembly.

*Must be an associate member. An associate member is a current and legally serving member of an FSMTB member board or an individual that has served on a member board within the last 12 months. An associate member can also be the chief administrative officer of a member board or a current serving member of the FSMTB board of directors.

**Requires volunteer to have been an Examination Item Writer.

***Requires volunteer to be a current or former associate member of FSMTB.