The FSMTB views volunteers as its most important asset. Volunteers serve in a variety of capacities, such as on committees, as item writers for the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx) and on the board of directors (BOD).

Continuing Education Content Development Advisory (CDA) Panel
This panel is comprised of seven members, three of which are associate members of FSMTB. The panel guides the development of state-requested CE courses. It monitors the content and maintenance of CE courses in the Regulatory Education and Competence Hub (REACH), and reviews the platform's functionality.

Continuing Education Registry Review (RR) Panel
This panel is comprised of five members, three of which are experienced educators. This panel will verify provider compliance with the FSMTB CE Standards used for CE Registry. It reviews student feedback to inform content adjustments or course revisions for provisional and registered providers, and oversees maintenance of the CE Standards and Registry Guidebook.

Examination Committee
This committee is comprised of at least five members and provides general oversight for the licensing examination process. This includes job task analyses, examination item development, security, administration and quality assurance to ensure consistency with the member boards’ examination needs. The committee also approves item development panels and recommends test plans to the board of directors. Subcommittees may be appointed to assist the Examination Committee in fulfilling its responsibilities.

Examination Development Committee
Members of the Exam Development Committee (EDC) 
are appointed by the board of directors. The members of this committee are subject matter experts (SME) whose ongoing mission is to maintain the continued development of the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx). The committee’s work includes reviewing items that have been submitted for potential addition to the MBLEx item bank. This process ensures the clarity of entry-level content, and adherence to item writing conventions. The EDC collaborates with the FSMTB psychometric team to ensure the validity and defensibility of exam items. To adhere to FSMTB’s commitment to transparency, state board and licensing agency representation is encouraged at all EDC meetings.

Federation Authentic Information Review (FAIR)
This task force studies application fraud that member boards have experienced and/or are experiencing in the licensing process. By developing tools and best practices, FAIR identifies, processes, and aids in the elimination of fraudulent documents utilized for licensure.

Finance Committee
This committee is comprised of at least three members and the treasurer, who serves as chair. The committee reviews the annual budget, the Federation’s investments, and the audit. The committee, working in conjunction with the board president, recommends a budget to the board and advises them on fiscal policy to assure prudence, as well as the integrity of fiscal management while remaining responsiveness to Member Board needs.

License Renewal Committee
The License Renewal Committee (LRC) develops regulatory education programs, reviews course content and is instrumental in overseeing the Continuing Education (CE) registration process for CE providers and courses for the regulatory community. This seven-member committee consists of state board regulators. The LRC can create subcommittees to help it in its tasks. These subcommittees consist of qualified volunteers with experience in massage therapy subject matter, continuing education and course development

Nominating Committee
This committee seeks nominations from member boards and associate members and shall present a slate of qualified candidates for election to the board of directors at the Annual Meeting. Persons seeking nomination or wishing to suggest nominees must contact the Nominating Committee at least 45 days prior to the Annual Meeting to submit a volunteer application and other information the committee may request. Nominations will not be accepted from the floor during the annual meeting. No name will be placed into nomination without the consent of the nominee.

Policy Committee
This committee researches and develops proposed amendments to the Bylaws and Standing Rules as directed by the board of directors or the Delegate Assembly. The Committee shall, in accordance with policies established by the board, review, evaluate and report to the Delegate Assembly on all resolutions and motions submitted by Member Boards.

Members and chairs of committees shall be appointed by the president, with the approval of the board of directors. The term of committee appointments shall be determined by the board of directors BOD. Committee vacancies may be filled by appointment for the remainder of an unexpired term.

Those eligible for appointment to standing committees shall be members of the board of directors, associate members and other individuals with the expertise needed to carry out the mission and functions of FSMTB.